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Singing Lessons / Vocal Coaching

Together we can find your voice, and bring your music into the world.

With So Little To Be Sure Of - CD

1. I Had a Dream About You2:43

2. Please Let's Not Even Say Hello1:57

3. A Quiet Thing/There Won't Be Trumpets3:12

4. A Little Bit In Love2:38

5. With You2:31

6. What More Can I Say?3:06

7. Tell Me On a Sunday4:01

8. Promises, Promises1:34

9. Good Thing Going2:38

10. Could I Leave You?3:10

11. God Give Me Strength6:07

12. With So Little To Be Sure Of4:18

13. Simple/Goodbye For Now3:25

14. It Amazes Me2:12

Upcoming Events

Along with vocal instruction, I am also a performer. I enjoy theatre, musical theatre, and cabaret. I don't have anything in the works right now, but please check back from time to time.


Upcoming Shows

SAT 10/10/18

​Nothing right now - Memphis


Memphis, TN 38111

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